Our Vision

We are here to relieve the stress of your everyday struggles from your electronics.  Our goal is to offer low pricing to our customers while providing you with a satisfying experience in order to use your electronics with ease.  As technology evolves people are left with frustration and aggravation.  We are here for you to simplify these processes.

Our Story

When Jeremy was around 6 years old he was brought up close around two of the many important people in his life, his uncle and grandfather in which they had their own Electric business.  They serviced a lot of local businesses such as hotels, grocery stores, the YMCA and Bell Telephone.  His grandfather brought to the table a wealth of experience dealing with Electric motor repair and electrical work.  His uncle brought to the table a wealth of new technology dealing with fire alarms, phone systems, security panels and also electrical work.  He was very fortunate to explore a life time of experience in his early stages of life.  His uncle was able to provide him with experience in technology such as Mitel PBX phone sytems, Moose Z1100 Security Panels, computers that were connected to internet by means of pots lines (dial up) utilizing services such as Prodigy.   His uncle and grandfather moved on to purchase a run down car wash in which Jeremy became part of the family business.  He had the opportunity to enroll in a work release school program enabling him to participate in the family business furthering his education on Point of Sale software, computer networking, and maintaining the computers.  He also got his hands dirty repairing the everyday mechanical portions of the Car Wash operation.  He attended the local community college taking small business classes and computer classes.  Unfortunately later on the Car Wash was lost due to eminent domain.  But that was not the end,  Jeremy continued on. After graduating high school he then began working at Dish Network, where he learned a wealth of skills working with over 2,000 other employees. He developed the skills of customer service, billing sales and his favorite technical support. His uncle moved to Florida to resettle and worked for a few company's before deciding to go back to his roots of self employment.  He created another business.  Jeremy finally moved to Florida where he worked for a few manual labor jobs and then finally came to his senses and started to work for his uncles company in which he was able to get back to his roots of technology.  They worked in very large residential houses and commercial environments installing the new Plasma TV's, Multi-room audio (Xanthech), Smart Remotes, Security Cameras, Home Automation (HAI), networking and various other electronics.  Jeremy decided to further his education and moved on to another company.  He was able to offer the company the experience of Security Cameras and Alarm Wiring.  Jeremy then began working in schools, Hospitals, Prisons and Government Buildings.  He had the benefit of obtaining a Florida Fire Alarm and Burglar Alarm state agent certification.  From there he got certified on Honey Well's Fire alarm Panel (Gamewell), and certified for DSX card access systems.  He led long term fire alarm projects at Northrop Grumman.  He also became familiar with building control automation in many of the schools and lead the project of rewiring the automation systems in South Florida for the Walgreens stores.  He eventually moved on to find a job that was closer to home with a granite shop which was one of their past clients.  He started operating CNC machines cutting granite, and moved up to maintenance, then quickly proceeded to climb to the position of IT.  Maintaining and installing all of the network wiring, security cameras, computers, phone system and troubleshooting the machines in everyday production of granite counter tops.  The company was then acquired so Jeremy thought it would be best for him to explore his own business voyage just as his family has done successfully for years.  So here we are All About Technology, LLC.